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Удостоверение от Камарата на строителите в България

Bulgarian Construction Chamber

Документ за правоспособност

Bulgarian Branch Chamber

Solar thermal panels are referred to by a number of different names such as Solar Water Heater, Solar Hot Water Panel, Solar Hot Water Collector, Solar Thermal Panel or Solar Thermal Collector. These terms all describe the same generic device. Solar water heaters work by absorbing sunlight...

Heat recovery ventilation, also known as HRV, mechanical ventilation heat recovery, or MVHR, is an energy recovery ventilation system using equipment known as a heat recovery ventilator, heat exchanger, air exchanger, or air-to-air heat exchanger which employs a counter-flow heat exchanger...

This technology makes ground source heating economically viable in any geographical location. In 2004, an estimated million ground source heat pumps with a total capacity of 15 GW extracted 88 PJ of heat energy for space heating. Global ground source heat pump capacity is growing by 10% annually...